Thomas McCallum

Thomas McCallum is a singer-songwriter and tin-whistler from Six Mile Brook, Nova Scotia. He has recently completed a round of touring with Al Tuck, and is very much looking forward to releasing a follow up to his 2014 release, Crocus Song. 


Karis Tees

Karis Tees is a young singer who has spent considerable time engaging in choral music, especially the University of King's College Chapel Choir. Her back-up vocal precision is unparalleled, and her delivery of ancient folk-songs is sensitive and honest. A native of Dundas, Ontario, Karis' only release to date is 2015's Midwinter Hymnsongs.


Lydia Mainville

Lydia Mainville is a cellist, singer-songwriter and fiddler's daughter from Darling's Island, NB. At once an innovator and traditionalist, she creates experimental folk music steeped in classical and Celtic roots. Her delicate melodies float over soundscapes that ebb and flow like the tide. Lydia's expressive sounds echo in concert halls, farmer's markets, and living rooms across Canada.